The Story

The name “Ginger Monkey” comes from the time Jackson and Doug were backpacking through Thailand. A red haired monkey followed them throughout their journey, all the while stealing clothes, beers, and even passports. After many attempts to negotiate with this red haired primate they were finally able to befriend him and smuggled him back to Arizona! He now proudly sits atop the bar and watches over his new kingdom!

Okay, the true story…Doug and Jackson have been friends for many years. Doug has tabbed Jackson “Ginger” in response Jackson has called Doug “Monkey” and hence the name “Ginger Monkey.”

Please enjoy your visit here at Ginger Monkey and let us know if we can do anything to make your experience a better one!

-Jackson & Doug aka Ginger Monkey!



The culture we drive home here at Ginger Monkey encompasses fresh and inspired homestyle comfort food from land and sea from a scratch technique. Our beer offerings please a variety of palette from talented local and world renowned brewers. Our passion for food, drink, culture, and atmosphere sets you up for an experience worth repeating. You will find our genuine passion for giving you an experience to suit every need. Bring the family in for dinner while the kids watch a movie. Bring the pups in for a pup patty and enjoy Elways Lounge on the patio. Join us for happy hour, sports action, live music and fun! This neighborhood tavern delivers an unforgettable experience that builds long term relationships and friendships that will keep you coming back.
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